A Heron is a two-person displacement boat made of wood or fibreglass. It is ideally suited to be sailed by an adult and a child, however there is enough room for two adults to sail comfortably. It can also be sailed with two competent and confident youngsters. In fact, it is often our junior teams that are seen sailing circles around some of the more experienced crews! 

A Heron rig is a stayed jib and main, which offers controllability as well as all the sail adjustments of a much bigger boat in an easy-to-use package. Putting up the sails is relatively easy, and the boats themselves are cheap to maintain. There is plenty of expertise on the beach during our sailing season and we can help you rig a boat and show you the intricacies of how a heron works. Costs for a Heron vary from $400 for a second-hand boat to $10,000 for a brand new fibreglass boat. Whilst there may be some work involved to make a $400 boat ‘seaworthy’, it would certainly be a good learning experience and a fantastic way of getting to know your boat.

Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club is also involved with a number of other clubs that sail Herons. This involvement includes an inter-club championship known as the “Travellers Trophy”. This championship provides a fantastic opportunity for the kids (and adults) to race against a larger fleet, as well as providing ample opportunity so socialise between rival clubs. This prestigious championship has been contested for many years, and Narrabeen sailors often dominate the top of the leaderboard. When you have built up a little bit of skill and confidence, you may feel the urge to race at the next level.

The Heron state and national title racing events are held in different parts of the state and around the country each year, and Narrabeen Lake sailors put a lot of effort into preparation for this event. These multi-day events are usually treated like a holiday, with many people spending a few days relaxing in their holiday accommodation before and after the event.

For further information about Herons, please refer to the National Heron Sailing Association website, the NSW Heron Sailing Association website or send an email to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..