Our windsurfer fleet consists of a gaggle of Windsurfer One-Design type sailboards. These sailboards were developed as an Olympic class, and rose to popularity by virtue of their scintillating performance and ease of use. Whilst technology has created faster - and some say better - sailboards, Windsurfer One-Designs are still excellent fun to sail. They are still one of the only types of sailboard to ride when the wind is less than 12 knots.

The fleet sails a five-race major series, as well as a slalom series. These are generally run on Saturdays, however more and more the windsurfers are joining in with the Herons and Lasers on Sundays, especially when short course racing is on offer.

Many people started sailboarding on this type of craft, and many still have one tucked away in the back corner of the garage. What better time than now to drag it out and have a sail!